Introducing the 3M™ Wireless Communication System Model XT-1.
3M XT-1

3M’s™ primary focus is, and will always be, the customer. Dedicating themselves to understanding the needs and special requirements of the Quick Service Industry. Focusing innovative resources on creating the next generation of Digital Wireless Communication.

This Fully Digital System Has Smart Technology And Tools To Keep Your Operation Running Smoothly And Help Make Your Life Easier.


  • Network-ready connectivity can provide more responsive service support and easy access to critical information.
  • Advanced technology provides enhanced digital sound quality.
  • Digital settings are password protected – preventing unauthorized adjustments.
  • Smart Technology Enhances Drive-Thru Productivity.

The QSR market knows that information is the key to improving efficiency and bottom-line results. 3M™ Wireless Communication System Model XT-1 is the first drive-thru intercom system to offer remote self diagnostics. Potential problems can be identified before they become critical which saves time and money.

The system practically takes care of itself – providing you with assurance that your system is running smoothly.

Key Benefits

  • Minimize costs associated with downtime and service calls.
  • Remote diagnostics and system settings facilitate off-site support.
  • Service request can be generated directly from the base station.
  • Automated system monitor can trigger remote service and support assistance.
  • Alert messaging provides helpful voice prompts.

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Common Questions

  • Q: How do I adjust for daylight savings?
  • A:

  1. Log into base station, press & hold MODE, press 1,2,3,4, release MODE.
  2. USER-MODE ID=1 prompt, press: MODE *3-times to get to the SYSTEM MENU.
  3. Cursor down to TIME & DATE.
  4. Press ENTER and roll back the time by one hour in the fall. 
    Press ENTER and advance the time by one hour in the spring.
  5. Press ENTER again to lock in the change.
  6. Press MODE *3-times to revert to the RUN screen.

  • Q: How do I register a new or repaired headset?
  • A:

  1. Log into base station, press & hold MODE, press 1,2,3,4, release MODE.
  2. USER-MODE ID=1 prompt, press: MODE *3-times to get to the SYSTEM MENU.
  3. Cursor down to 04 REGISTRATION > 01 ADD NEW HEADSETS.
  4. Power on the headset when prompted.
  5. Wait up to two minutes for {Headset XXXXXXX Has Been Registered!} to appear at the bottom of the display.
  6. Repeat step 3 for additional headsets.
  7. Press MODE when finished.