March Networks® Software Update.

Release 5.5.2 SP5 Revision 7.0

Make sure you are currently viewing this page on a PC which is currently running Video Sphere™ Software for your March Networks® DVR. (Live Monitoring & Evidence Manager with Investigator). If you are on a new PC you will need your License Key for Evidence Manager & your ESM system address. You will also need your username and password for the current ESM. Daniels Security Systems does NOT maintain this information. If you need to change or recover your username and/or password please contact Dunkin Brands® Franchisee Central.

Live Monitoring Update

Click “HERE” to download. Live Monitoring does not require a serial number and your ESM address should autofill from previously installed versions. If this is a new PC you will need to add your ESM Server address.

Evidence Manager with Investigator Update

Click “HERE” to download. Evidence Manager with Investigator DOES require a Serial Number for POS searching. Your current Serial Number, as well as your current ESM server should auto fill from previously installed versions. If this is a new PC, you will need to add your ESM Server address and contact Franchisee Central for your Investigator Serial Number.