3M™ and HyperActive Technologies announced they have formed an alliance to bring a new paradigm of drive-thru technology to Quick Service Restaurants (QSR).


QTimer’s® POS interface gives you unprecedented knowledge and control over your stores. Unlike other timers, QTimer® not only tells you what is happening in your drive-thru but why it is happening. Instant information you need to improve crews performance… and your profits.

QTimer’s® “Dynamic Drive-Thru”

“Dynamic Drive-thru” is a new speed-of-service metric that is unique to QTimer®. Unlike previous SOS metrics, “Dynamic Drive-Thru” looks at the contents within a food order and the orders of the vehicles queued in front to dynamically create a service goal for each vehicle in the queue.

This enables a new operations model that will use the pull forward option in a controlled manner to improve the drive-thru experience for customers in que.

With many other drive-thru timers, every vehicle is treated the same, regardless of what is contained in their order. “Dynamic Drive-Thru” puts QSR’s on an even playing field by accomodating the differences in customer orders and the drive-thru’s physical layout. It will help your crew evaluate performance more accurately. It helps restore motivation to staff whose product mix or drive-thru layout was preventing them from achieving speed-of-service goals.